22 October 2021

October opportunities

22 October 2021

June opportunities

It is going to be a busy summer! Here is a sample of our latest opportunities:

A CTO with experience in Ultrasound for an early-stage French start-up developing a unique and innovative product;
A Regulatory & QA Director (France based) with tissue/cell therapy expertise to head a new division of a solid international corporate;
A Territory Sales Manager Netherlands for a well-established, innovative and fast growing medtech in the heart recovery space;
An R&D Manager System and V&V (France) for a high-profile robotic company;
Two Regulatory Affairs positions for an internationally operating surgical firm in France
A Chief Medical Officer for a French biotech company in the AMR field to build out and develop its clinical program;
A Country Manager D-A-CH to manage and expand the local subsidiaries and assure market development for an internationally operating pharmaceutical company marketing dermatology and skin care products;
A Sales Manager South Germany & Austria preferably with experience in medical capital equipment or ultrasound sales for a growing medtech company in the hepatology field;
And various sales and sales support positions in France for the homecare and hospital markets

14 April 2021

April opportunities

Our latest update and summary of new searches: a Global Regulatory Affairs Manager with solid International experience in MRP / DCP based at global HQ (Benelux) of a pharma company specialised in Dermatology and Women’s health; a Head of Sales & Market Development EU to manage commercial launch for a European start-up with novel platform for endoscopic surgery; a Global Clinical Development Manager (MD) to manage Phase I-IV clinical program for the immunology portfolio of a Paris-based biopharma company; a CFO with successful experience in completing Nasdaq IPO, M&A and Capital Financing for a dynamically growing high tech firm; a Territory Sales Manager France with solid experience in cardiac surgery for a very innovative and fast growing US Medical Devices company focusing on Heart recovery; a QA Manager for a Structural Heart start-up with operations in France and US; a Territory Sales Manager for the French speaking part of Switzerland for a young US company selling a unique interventional treatment, and several business development positions in France for a promising start-up in e-health. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information

5 March 2021

March opportunities

Our current selection of new searches: a VP Manufacturing for an innovative cardiology company transitioning to commercial stage; a Marketing Manager for a new healthcare division of a fast growing French company after a very successful 2020; a Quality Manager for the international production site in France of a medical device speciality company; two France-based Field Clinical Specialist positions (one in EP/AF AI and one in Complex PCI) for a Belgian and a French start-up; a Regulatory/QA/ Vigilance Manager for the French affiliate of a leading surgical medtech; a Clinical Project Leader EMEA preferably with cardiology experience and several French sales and market development functions in various therapeutic areas. We would be happy to discuss!

25 January 2021

January opportunities

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We have started the year with a number of new searches, among which: an EMEA Reimbursement Director for a successful young US company with novel technology in the cardiovascular space; a Chief Business Officer for a French start-up developing AI-based software for histological diagnoses; a France-based Clinical Affairs Manager Europe for a clinical stage US company with breakthrough neurostim technology for the ICU; an RA/QA Director for a French company active in the Home Care sector; a Global Validation Director and a Legal / Compliance Manager for an internationally operating French surgical company; and several field sales and marketing positions based in France, Belgium and Germany. Please contact us for more details

11 January 2021

Happy 2021!

What a year it has been! While, like everyone, we had our share of challenges and disappointments, we also have much to be grateful and optimistic about. A big THANK YOU to our network of clients, friends, candidates and business partners for sharing experience, providing interesting webinars, creating and strengthening our relationships despite the cancellation of our favourite industry events and limited possibility to meet in person, as well for the positive exchanges and laughs shared, “just to touch base”.

Our team stayed upbeat, we welcomed 3 great new colleagues in 2020 and entered a partnership with Angels Santé which reflects our passion for innovation in health. The resilience, creativity, loyalty and performance of client companies has been truly amazing and we feel lucky to be part of the medtech / biotech ecosystem which has made such tremendous steps in these challenging times.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year; all the best for a healthy and better 2021! Hope to connect and meet soon again.


6 October 2020

October opportunities

We have been busy since September! Among a number of recent opportunities we would like to highlight: Sr. Marketing Manager EMEA for interventional therapies; 2 Sales Managers France for leading medtech corporations; Neurovascular Clinical Specialist France; Field Clinical Specialist EP/AF Germany for an AI start-up; CFO with significant fund raising experience for a fast growing medtech (France); National Sales & Market Development Director DACH for an eye implant start-up.
Please contact us for more information

Confronted with this challenging sanitary and economic crisis which impacts us all, a number of Life Sciences Managers have shared their experiences with us. During this period, they observed the appearance of several “human factor observations / opportunities” which they will continue to retain and adopt in the future.

The following are some of their observations:

The creation of a strong sense of solidarity, a form of common identity, the opportunity to show a corporate responsible image and even calming certain existing social tensions. One is happy to be part of a company who takes care of their employees, who limits the risks of unemployment and who contributes fully to the fight against the Covid-19 propagation, even if it means, changing company activities: employees acknowledged the widespread goodwill that was put in place within the majority of companies.

Remote work was put in place where possible, even within companies who were not initially favorable. These companies have observed that this is working well, therefore, they will continue to consider remote work in the future. However, limited in general, to 2 days per week (at the discretion of management).

The 1st May celebrated in most countries around the world as “Labour Day”, signified for many this year, “Remote Work Day”. The rapport of confidence between “employer – employee”, is a growing tendency and the notion of flexibility has become key. The family haven of “Home Sweet Home”, has now become a personal and professional universe for a large majority of employees who have had to accustom to this: organizing their day around sharing home and work space.

The appearance of a certain amount of dysfunctions internally: an opportunity to reflect on new role definitions and the distribution of tasks, which in many cases, will continue after the crisis.

The responsibility of Managers. The possibility of reinforcing their role; more impactful faced with an obstacle, capable of measuring risks. The crisis revealed certain leadership characters (a crisis reveals true leaders and also those unsuspected contributors/future leaders).

Increasing digital skills for all employees, which will accelerate and deeply transform traditionally working modes. For example, a certain number of professional trips or one to one meetings, will become unnecessary and this will have an effect in strengthening the links between professionals/partners/clients, where mutual confidence will have to be utmost in order that projects advance at a distance and in a secure environment.

And finally, most likely there will be “critical thinking” on the way we work together and individually. Some will no doubt, question the sense of their work and might well question the relevance of the “normative values” in their work environment.

We must be ready for these exchanges: Are we ready? Are you ready?

Thank you for your reactions and comments. We all learn by advancing and sharing experience is here to stay!

Thank you to the Life Sciences Managers who shared their experiences.


During this unprecedented period, the HTI team has continued to keep regular contact with its clients.

Today, we would like to share with you feedback from HR professionals and some of the major patterns which have appeared during this crisis; a crisis which was completely new to the industry.

 First observations:

 A month and a half after the start of the crisis, Human Resource professionals are finally able to catch their breath.

First and foremost, an “emergency crisis management” was put in place, which aligned the entire company in the same direction, as well as creating an unprecedented sense of union and solidarity.

Specifically this was carried out by proactively informing employees to set up hotlines, email contacts and put in place remote connection tools. On top of their normal workload, HR had to deal with an increase in activity linked to Covid-19 and if working in a subsidiary, had also to implement global directives.

The increase in their work load was substantial: monitoring government regulations among the mass of available information (often contradictory), health monitoring, dealing with social partners and for many remote work management. Added to this, monitoring teams who had to assure an onsite presence, sometimes also having to put in place measures for temporary unemployment while reassuring employees on holidays, maintaining salaries, as well as the reorganization of certain services to balance the workload.

“HR observed that the most important quality during this period of crisis was that of agility”

Finally and above all, they had to evaluate and analysis the internal climate, listen to employees with openness and empathy,  detect those who could potentially be in difficulty, find original communication channels, maintain the social link and also, increasing communication with employees in order to compensate for distance and isolation.

Additionally, the intrusion of “professional life” into one’s “personal life” had to be accepted by all, in particular by managers. “One’s home sweet home had become one’s place of work”

The majority of companies recognized the importance of the central function of Human Resources during a period of crisis: the element “resources” giving priority to the “human” element.

Well done Human Resources!


Chers Clients, chers candidats et amis, tout d’abord nous espérons que vous allez tous bien : nous vivons tous ensemble une situation très difficile et éprouvante tant individuellement que collectivement.

Nous devons d’abord penser à ceux qui sont atteints par ce virus et qui se battent pour leur vie et aux personnels de santé qui les soignent. Une pensée aussi pour les entreprises qui doivent revoir leurs objectifs de croissance et mettre souvent leur développement entre parenthèse (pour reprendre de plus belle dans quelque temps seulement, nous l’espérons).

Comme chacun d’entre vous, nous avons entendu les consignes gouvernementales pour limiter au maximum les risques de propagation du virus.

Toute l’équipe de HTI reste présente. Nous sommes organisés pour travailler en telé travail pour nous permettre de continuer  les missions que vous nous avez confiées avec la même énergie et détermination.

Les entretiens se feront par vidéos conférence avec la même qualité.

Nous espérons que nos candidats et nos clients répondront présents aussi et que l’impact de cette pandémie sera aussi minime que possible pour tous, grâce aux efforts de chacun.

Nous restons à votre écoute.

Dear clients, candidates and friends,

We hope you are well.

Both individually and collectively, we are currently living together an unprecedented and very difficult situation.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the Covid-19, who are fighting for their lives and also for the healthcare workers treating them. Our thoughts are also with companies who have to review their growth target and put their development on hold (we hope that you will restart soon with renewed vigor).

Like all of you, we heard the government’s instructions to minimize the risks of the virus spread.

During this challenging situation, all the HTI team remain present. We have organized to work remotely in order to continue to carry out the assignments entrusted to us, with the same energy and determination.

Interviews will be carried out by video conference, assuring the usual quality of our services.

We hope that our candidates and clients remain present also and that the impact of this pandemic will be as minimal as possible for all, through the efforts of all.

We remain at your disposal and our thoughts are with you and your families.