During this unprecedented period, the HTI team has continued to keep regular contact with its clients.

Today, we would like to share with you feedback from HR professionals and some of the major patterns which have appeared during this crisis; a crisis which was completely new to the industry.

 First observations:

 A month and a half after the start of the crisis, Human Resource professionals are finally able to catch their breath.

First and foremost, an “emergency crisis management” was put in place, which aligned the entire company in the same direction, as well as creating an unprecedented sense of union and solidarity.

Specifically this was carried out by proactively informing employees to set up hotlines, email contacts and put in place remote connection tools. On top of their normal workload, HR had to deal with an increase in activity linked to Covid-19 and if working in a subsidiary, had also to implement global directives.

The increase in their work load was substantial: monitoring government regulations among the mass of available information (often contradictory), health monitoring, dealing with social partners and for many remote work management. Added to this, monitoring teams who had to assure an onsite presence, sometimes also having to put in place measures for temporary unemployment while reassuring employees on holidays, maintaining salaries, as well as the reorganization of certain services to balance the workload.

“HR observed that the most important quality during this period of crisis was that of agility”

Finally and above all, they had to evaluate and analysis the internal climate, listen to employees with openness and empathy,  detect those who could potentially be in difficulty, find original communication channels, maintain the social link and also, increasing communication with employees in order to compensate for distance and isolation.

Additionally, the intrusion of “professional life” into one’s “personal life” had to be accepted by all, in particular by managers. “One’s home sweet home had become one’s place of work”

The majority of companies recognized the importance of the central function of Human Resources during a period of crisis: the element “resources” giving priority to the “human” element.

Well done Human Resources!