HTI Executive Search & Selection for the Healthcare Industry

HTI’s Multinational Team of Researchers

HTI has built up in Paris a strong and experienced multinational team of researchers who all follow an intensive in-house training which includes methodology, confidentiality and discretion and are responsible for identifying and screening potential candidates to fill our clients’ missions.

HTI’s own researchers, using their mother tongues, have the capability of contacting candidates in French, English, Italian, German and Russian.

The team of researchers has been a key element in HTI’s success over the years as they are all intimately involved from the beginning of all our missions.

When an assignment is accepted the Senior Consultant will fully brief the allocated Researcher on all the key factors of the project including the background to the recruitment, the products that the candidate will be responsible for, the competitive environment and companies.

The Researcher will also learn from the Consultant or Client all the key professional experiences, education, leadership and soft skills required so that they can use their judgement on the suitability of candidates for the position during the identification and screening process. This ensures that when the candidates are interviewed face to face with the Senior Consultant they closely match the criteria set earlier by the client.