HTI Executive Search & Selection for the Healthcare Industry

HTI at a Glance

Medical Devices and Equipmnet (52%), Biotech (19%), Diagnostic (14%), Pharma (10%), Other (5%)

Sales and Marketing (32%), General Management (16%), Field Support (16%), Finance/Admin/HR (11%), Clinical/Market Access (16%), Regulatory and Quality Affairs (11%)

France (25%), Germany/Austria/Switzerland (25%), Benelux (20%), UK (12%), Italy (8%), Other (10%)

HTI is regarded as Specialist for executive search and recruitment in the healthcare field with focus on Cardiology, Oncology, Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, General Surgery and Ophthalmology. Over the last 15 years, HTI has assisted a large number of European and US medical device companies to successfully attract and recruit talented people in the areas of Coronary Artery Disease, Peripheral Vascular, ENT, surgical equipment and navigation, reconstructive surgery, Trauma, Spine, Bariatric Surgery, Hernia repair, including specific and innovative high-growth markets such as Neuromodulation, Electrophysiology, Radio-surgery and Cardiovascular. In the biopharmaceutical field we regularly work with pharmaceutical companies and innovative biotech firms in areas such as orphan drugs, ophthalmology, oncology, immunology, etc. As an indication, over the past months, we have handled and successfully completed assignments in the following markets: Robotic surgery, Remote care and Telemedicine, Dental, Single use products, Refractive Surgery, PACS, Imaging, CRM, Wound care and Radiosurgery.